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“I once imagined my life as an uninterrupted line from birth to decline. There would be some creditable achievements and great love sandwiched in the middle, of course,
but time was a durable thing.”
From Kate Bowler, How Cancer Changes Hope, Opinion, NY Times Dec 28, 2018

There are events that we don’t sign up for in life: a serious illness, an accident that leaves us or a spouse disabled, children who are ill or have special needs, we lose the love of our life suddenly without warning, leaving us stunned, heartbroken, and disoriented. Life is interrupted. The disruption to our sense of ‘normal’ and to our routine is so all consuming that major adjustments are necessary. Human beings are wired for adaptation and we have resilience impulses built into our brains. Even so, some events are so disruptive, so painful, that they strain our normal coping and adaptation mechanisms. Such is the case in events considered traumatic or tragic.

Post-traumatic growth, a concept rooted in the sciences of resilience and positive psychology, can emerge in the aftermath of even the greatest of tragedies. Science has proven that there are simple practices and routines that create wellbeing, allowing us to move forward, with grace and dignity, into lives rich in wisdom, meaning, purpose, and even joy! Using her personal and professional experience, Karen has developed a process to encourage and support the process of healing and recovery after a serious misfortune, calling it “Adaptive Transformation.” The term acknowledges that we are being forced by unbidden, adverse events in our lives to undergo major changes internally and in our life path that we likely would not otherwise choose.


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