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The Companion Course to Career Clarity for Nurses: Navigating Nursing through Challenging Times builds on the process outlined in the book, and goes deeper. We create a career transformation that is a true expression of your authentic self by delving into your values, priorities, and the nooks and crannies of your heart and soul.

The Companion Course is an 8-week journey with a small group of fellow nurses on their own quest to find their career path from within through:

  • getting beyond the guilt of questioning the career it took so long to enter
  • focusing on your own voice and values rather than the judgements and opinions of others
  • admitting dissatisfaction and being willing to address it

Participants in the Companion Course must be committed to:

  • finding clarity by making the most of their investments in time, money, and focus
  • adopting a mindset and trying new skills that create calm and clarity
  • creating a positive, loving and supportive community that is there for each other


  • Receive weekly video lessons and experiential assignments
  • Participate in sharing your journey with Dr. Karen and others in the course through a private Facebook group
  • Weekly group call for additional teaching, individual coaching and Q&A with Dr. Karen (with replay made available for those who can’t attend)
  • Coaching package available for additional fee

Promises of the Companion Course:

  • You will attain career clarity and be able to say “I know the direction I’m taking my career, my next steps, and I feel great about it”.
  • Individualized attention from Dr. Karen because of limited enrollment
  • Lifetime access to course videos and materials including any future updates
  • New skills and personal growth that will enrich you for a lifetime


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